Commodity Options: Spectacular Profits with Limited Risk

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Autor Spears, Larry; D., Spears, Larry
Idioma Ingles
Formato Soft Cover
Editorial Marketplace Books
Edición y Año 1993
ISBN  1883272491


A to Z primer gives complete descriptions of the 12 most popular commodity option strategies. Learn about time value, premium, option pricing and best trading months for each commodity. See how to use options in conjunction with futures for risk abatement and profit enhancement. Great for getting started or refining techniques.

Table of Contents:

- Futures: The Concept and the Reasoning
-A basic function of good business -A good deal for both buyer and seller
-Commodity Options: A Checkered History
-A change in direction

Taking Advantage Of How Options On Futures Work
- Versatile Tools to Meet Every Investor's Needs
-Options offer maximum leverage
-Strategies For Every Investment Goal
-A 500% profit
-Leverage works both ways
-The price you pay to limit risk
-The Basic Elements of Options
-The "Premium" On Options
-Two factors determine the premium
-The Intrinsic Value of an Option
-Time value considerations
-Options Are "Wasting Assets"
-No limit on some option price moves
-How Options Are Traded
-Strike prices and trading months
Strategies Using Options On Futures
-A Plan for Virtually Every Market Condition
-Basic Strategies Using Options On Futures
-What Happens If You're Wrong
-Plotting the Possible Scenarios
-Strategy number one: buying a call
-Trader First-Gambler and Banker Second
-Strategy number two: buying a put
-Deciding To Get Out Early
-Writing Options On Futures
-Strategy number three: writing a naked call
-Two Other Key Points for Option Writers
-Strategy number four. writing a naked put
-Spreads and Straddles: Playing Option Against Option
-Placing orders for combinations
-Strategy number five: the vertical bull spread
-The Put Picture Looks the Same
-Strategy number six. the calendar call spread
-Variations On Risk /Reward Projections
-The Diagonal Spread
-Strategy number seven: the vertical bear spread -Strategy number eight: the calendar put spread
-Straddle Strategies
-Strategy number nine: selling a straddle
-The Modified Straddle Strategy
-Strategy number ten: buying a straddle
-Combining Options With Actual Futures Contracts
-Strategy number eleven: covered put purchase
-Strategy twelve: covered call purchase
-Additional Options and Futures Combinations
-Buying puts to lock in profits
-Buying calls to increase profits
-Writing calls against long futures
-Buying futures and writing calls