The Warren Buffett Portfolio: Mastering the Power of the Focus I

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Autor Hagstrom, Robert G.
Idioma Ingles
Formato Paperback
Editorial: John Wiley & Sons
Edición y Año1999
ISBN 0471247669


As the value investing titan knows, it still all starts with picking the right stocks, the right stock group and balancing the mix. And no one has done it better than Warren Buffett. He's prospered in all markets - and this bestseller shows how to adapt his winning methods to every portfolio you manage.

Tabla de contenidos

Focus Investing.

The High Priests of Modern Finance.

The Superinvestors of Buffettville.

A Better Way to Measure Performance.

The Warren Buffett Way Tool Belt.

The Mathematics of Investing.

The Psychology of Investing.

The Market as a Complex Adaptive System.

Where Are the .400 Hitters?