How I Trade for a Living

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Autor Smith, Gary
Idioma Ingles
Formato Hard Cover
EditorialJohn Wiley & Sons
Edición y Año 1999
ISBN  0471355143


Quickly becoming the new bible of the trading industry it’s the first new work to show a new generation not only key trading strategies but what it takes to successfully trade from home, and for a living. Now at a great price from a 15-year veteran.

Table of Contents:

Help for a Desperate Trader.

Dreams of Easy Money.

The Futures Market Beckons.

Almost Down for the Count.

Putting It All Together.

Why the Stock Market?

Trading is a Profession.

Perceptual Trading Filters.

My Favorite Indicators.

Technical Indicators.

Monthly Seasonality.

The Nitty Gritty of Trading.

Money Management.

Trading Mutual Funds.

Trading Junk Bond Funds.

Trading Stock Index Futures.

Epilogue: Strictly Personal.

Recommended Resources: Reading and Researching Your Way to Success.